iPhone 5 cases by Belkin, made of TPU


Just a few days passed after the Apple event where iPhone 5 was unveiled, and seems that Belkin already has an iPhone 5 case line for sell on their website, belkin.com.

There are no more than twelve cases available at this time, some having more than just one version (more colors or textures besides the stock one).

They have a basic gray/black case made from TPU (thermoplastic polyurethanes), flexible material, easy to grip, offering protection against impact and scratch.

Belkin is offering one year warranty for all the available cases. Even though iPhone 5’s materials are very solid, considering that some have tried to punch nails on a HTC X Hero smartphone and the display of the device remained intact, it is hard to believe that iPhone 5 is offering less protection than this.

The same is for Samsung Galaxy S3, some have tried to scratch the display with the knife, without success.

Other than the basic gray/black case, there are eight more cases with different textures with a price varying from 25$ to 30$. There are also two “Armband” cases available and one case that is fully transparent, made of polycarbonate, actually the cheapest one, just 20$.

The belkin website is available in many languages, some users don’t see any “order” button, it might be because belkin is not shipping in their respective countries. The cases will become available sooner or later at least at mobile phone operators.

iPhone 5 cases concepts

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