iGoogle to be removed after 1 November 2013


Bad news, Google has announced that they will remove iGoogle after 1 November 2013.

The announce is made by a simple line that appears under the search button for every iGoogle account.

There is also a link toward this article that is explaining in a few words the reasons and what users can do.

There is just one given reason, that right now, Google Chrome and Android have applications that are doing the same thing like iGoogle. There are still many users who are using Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, what about those?

Android? First time I hear that iGoogle exists for Android.

What will we miss? The background images (the iGoogle themes), the fast way of checking the e-mail inbox from the Gmail widget, and the RSS feeds.

But overall, the idea of not having iGoogle after so many years (the service was launched in 2005) is just awful and hopefully in a year, Google will reconsider this decision and leave iGoogle available.

iGoogle taken down after 1 november 2013

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