Hunter talents, spec, glyphs, pet for leveling in Pandaria


Leveling in Pandaria is a relaxing experience for those that have at least a full PVP gear set from the last arena season (gemed and enchanted). It is easier though for those with PVE gear from the previous Cataclysm raids.


Hunters can play using any of the three specs, Beast Master, Marksman or Survival but overall Beast Master is the easiest and most comfortable spec to use.

The pet will hold aggro, you have an extra heal from Mend Pet, double Bestial Wrath for burst.


There isn’t much choice here, we can use the old PVP talents used before this leveling marathon.

Level 15 talents. You can use Narrow Escape to trap mobs before Disengage or Posthaste to catch some speed after a Disengage. Those that are more offensive can use Posthaste as it will speed up the leveling process.

Level 30 talents don’t matter.

Level 45 talents. Exhilaration because it also heals the pet so basically it will never die with 2 Exhilaration from Readiness.

Level 60 talents. Dire Beast or Thrill of the Hunt. Each of these, Dire Beast is more fun though.

Level 75 talents. Blink Strike or Lynx Rush. Each of these, Blink Strike seems to work better.

Level 90 talents. These talents don’t matter for leveling as level 90 means that you have reached the level cap.


Only two glyphs are necessary for leveling, Glyph of Marked for Death (provides extra damage), Glyph of Pathfinding (provides extra movement speed). The third can by anything.


Spirit beast pet

As BM, the Spirit Beast is the best choice for both damage and survivability. The Spirit Beast has the mastery buff (the most important stat after agility for the BM spec) and Mend Pet (healing ability).

You won’t really need that heal most of the time but there are no other pets with higher sustained DPS (not burst).


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