Hunter class expertise cap, hit rating, spell penetration removed in 5.0.4


There are three important things for hunters in the new 5.0.4 patch.

Hunters have to stack now, expertise so their shots won’t get dodged. All shots including auto-shot and abilities like Chimera Shot, Scatter Shot etc. The cap for expertise is 3% for PVP and more for PVE, around 5 or 6%, it can be checked from the character window, expertise, mouse over “expertise”, it will display the chance amount of your shots to be dodged. 0% displayed when you mouse over means that you are already caped.

Hit rating is staying the same, the hit rating cap for PVP is the same as before at 5% for PVP and 8% for PVE. Only the night elf race has a 2% built-in dodge chance and that means to even eliminate those 2 percents is to stack 7% hit rating which was always a bad idea.

Spell Penetration, a must have stat for PVP before the patch was converted into PVP Power, the gems and the clock enchant. Hunters don’t need Spell Penetration anymore as all the magic abilities won’t resist anymore. After testing around 30 traps on a druid with the spell resistance buff, all traps have been applied so one less worry about stats for PVP hunters in MOP.

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