How to transfer a Facebook page ownership to another user?


Facebook is allowing ownership switches for pages (Facebook fan pages). A page can be transferred to another Facebook user in no more than two minutes. The page will completely disappear from the initial owner’s account and will appear attached to the account where was transferred to.

Follow these steps in order to transfer a Facebook page to another user.

Login to the initial Facebook account that will make the transfer. Click on the page. Click on “Edit Page”. Go to “Manage Admins”. Write the e-mail of the user where the page will be transferred to.

Click on “Save Changes”. Enter the default Facebook password, all done.

One important thing, the user where the page is transferred to will have to Like that page before the transfer can be done or else Facebook will give some warnings and alerts.

After the new owner was added, to delete the original owner, click on the “remove” link, click on “Save Changes”, enter the Facebook password again, all done.

The page should now appear attached to the Facebook account where was transferred to and will be fully ready to be managed. The old account won’t have any connections with the transferred Facebook page.

To disable the access to a Facebook page for other users (normal visitors), click on “Edit Page”, and from “Page Visibility”: (the first line), “Unpublish page” (only admins can see this page), select the option.

Other users that will click the link of that specific Facebook page, won’t see anything. Only the administrator will have access and can view the page. The page won’t be deleted or anything, just hidden from normal users.


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