How to stream using the Axis 206/207 video camera?


Here are the required things to setup the Axis 206/207 camera in order to stream online: a PC or laptop with Windows as the Axis IP software is not available for Mac.

A static IP (talk to the ISP – Internet Service Provider to assign a static IP for your connection), a router, the Axis IP software that will show the LAN IPs of the camera/cameras and also their serial numbers.

Start by connecting the camera/cameras to the power source and to the router. The network cables should be inserted into the router. To reset the Axis 206/207 camera, connect it to the power source and hold the small button from its back back until the camera will display a green light (it will take around 1 or 2 minutes).

Download the Axis IP software and run it. It will display the IP and the serial number of the camera (data required for configuration).

Write in the browser, the IP of the camera. It will display an interface, the default username and password are “root” and “111111”. Click on “Setup”, “TCP/IP”, “Advanced”, enter the port at “Port Forwarding”.

The port should be “9080” or “9090”. Other values will also work if the ports are free but it should not be below “9080”. Notice that the interface will require the serial number that is also displayed by Axis IP.

Open the router’s interface, the default IP for the interface should be “”.

Go to “Forwarding” from the router’s interface, “Virtual Servers”, “Add New”, “Service Port: 9080”, IP Address: the IP of the camera that is displayed in the Axis IP software, Protocol: “All”, Status: “Enabled”, Common Service Port: “HTTP”. Notice that by selecting “HTTP”, the port will get reset to “80”. Enter it again, “9080”.

All should work now, open the browser, http://(Internet connection ip):9080(the port) like: It will require an username and a password. These are the same as the LAN ones, “root” and “111111”.

To setup a second camera or more, repeat the process and assign a different port. The URL for the second camera will be same as the one from the first camera, except the port number.

Axis 206 / 207 Router Forwarding

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