How to make round corners for an image in Photoshop?


To create round corners for an image, follow these steps.

Open an image within Adobe Photoshop, draw a rectangle with the “Round Rectangle Tool”, above the initial image, double click where is saying “Shape 1” (the rectangle), turn the “Opacity” to zero.

Click “Ok”. Go to the “Paths” tab, right click, select “Make Selection”. “Feather” radius to zero, click “ok”. Create a blank new image (maybe a little bit bigger than the initial image but it is alright if it has the same size), return to the initial image, go to “Edit”, click on “Copy Merged”, go to the second blank image, use the “Control + V” keyboard keys to paste the image that should have round corners at this point.

This tutorial was inspired from Matt Thommes’s blog post regarding round corners in Photoshop, a very old post dating from 2004.

Round Corners Photoshop

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