How to leave Jade Forest?


Jade Forest is the starting zone for Alliance in Mists of Pandaria.

Quick answer. There is a bridge on the middle-west side of the map or you can leave if you finish the main story quest so you can talk to an NPC that will take you further. The next zone will be Valley of the Four Winds, a zone that looks completely different.

First look. Seems that this zone is quite similar to Stranglethorn Valley (in terms of design), that is a jungle. The main story starts here, the Prince of Stormwind is here, trying to investigate the land, he gets into trouble, you will have to save him.

Overall, Jade Forest looks like a mystic place, amplified by the fact that you will firstly encounter pandarens that won’t be so friendly at start, you will see how complex the zone is as you progress with the quests done in the south, moving up north.

And most important, near the final quests, there are some epic moments (no spoilers) that you will want to experience, some particular moments that will give life lessons (something that you haven’t seen in any movie or video game).

These moments are bound to the main quest so you won’t miss them.

The quests are quite simple in Jade Forest, kill x mobs, gather x tools or something like this, but they won’t get you bored or tired.

It is like a Karate lesson kept by an experienced sensei, the training is alert but you never get tired and also you never lose your focus.

Jade Forest In Pandaria

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