How to install Windows 8 customer preview?


Windows 8 customer preview has been available for quite some time, this is a tutorial of how to install this operating system, step by step, explaining what to do on every screen that you will encounter.

You should start by downloading Windows 8 customer preview from

It will download an .iso file. Be sure to have at least 3 gigabytes of free disk space. You will also get a product key that you should save.
Burn the .iso file on a DVD and write the product key on a piece of paper or something.

Be aware, we recommend to try the new Windows on a laptop or a device that you don’t use on a daily basis as Windows 8 will also affect Windows 7.

Windows 8 installation tutorial.

Setup your bios to boot from the optical drive.
Boot from DVD.

You will see an icon with a fish, wait around 3-4 minutes, the installation window will appear, (looks like the one from windows 7), click next (leave the options by default), click on install now, it will display “setup is starting”.

It will ask for the product key, enter it (the one you got when you have downloaded the .iso file), click “next”, select “I accept the licence terms”, “next”, select “custom install”.

Notice the same interface and options just like we have for Windows 7, select in which partition you want to install, it doesn’t matter, “next” and wait for the files to be copied.

The PC will restart after all the processes are over.

You should see the icon with the fish again (it is the loading screen for Windows 8, also, you should see some points moving in a circle).

Windows 8 loading screen

You should get an option to choose an operating system, your old Windows 7 or Windows 8. If you don’t press anything, windows 8 will start (choose Windows 8 or wait around 5 seconds).

It should load and show some percentages under the logo with the fish, it takes around 1 minute.
Your system will restart again. Choose “Windows 8 customer preview” this time.

Name your PC, click “next”, connect to your wireless connection if you have any, click on “connect”, click on “use express settings” or “customize”, enter your e-mail address from the next interface, your pc might get stuck here for around a minute, you can choose not to enter your password under your e-mail from the next interface, you can turn back and cancel everything related to a Microsoft account.

You should see now “finalizing your settings” and Windows 8 will start, wait around 2-3 minutes, you will see the new “start” button. It will look very different compared to the previous Windows versions.
Click on “desktop” (left bottom corner) to get to the normal Windows interface.

Windows 8 search window

Once you restart your PC, it will start using the Windows 8 interface, choose Windows 7 to get back to your old operating system.

You will have to do these steps every time you restart your PC. Basically, you will restart it twice (this is why we don’t recommend to install Windows 8 on your default PC) but if you are on a laptop, you won’t have much trouble since laptops usually get into “sleep mode” instead of shut down or restart.

Windows 8 default desktop

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