How to identify the default IP for the admin interface of a router?


Almost all routers are coming with the default IP for their interface as or

If you have connected the router by wire to your PC and all the lights are up and you still can’t access the interface from, it is very easy to identify the IP.

This can be done either with a software “Radmin”, or just from Windows (the version doesn’t matter).

From Windows, follow these steps. Click on the “start” button, click on “run”, write “cmd”, you should now see the MSDOS interface.
Write there “ipconfig/all”.

Wait a few seconds until data is displayed.

You should see the IP of your computer, a LAN IP if your PC is within a LAN (using a router or a switch), or a different IP (not starting with 192.168..), if your computer has a PPPOE Internet Connection (will display the IP generated by your ISP (Internet service provider).

From the MSDOS interface, the default IP of your router is the one marked at “default gateway” and usually there are versions of like or

These IPs are usually assigned if you have more than a router at your home or place and is not a good idea to try to access both of them from the same IP as you will have to shut down one and then the other in order to configure both.

ipconfig/all from CMD

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