How to go to a specific page on Kindle?


If you have decided to read an e-book that is either in .pdf or .mobi format, on a Kindle, jumping on a specific page won’t work because the correct pagination was removed with the conversion of the e-book (using Calibre or other software).

You won’t be able to use the “go to page” Kindle feature.

How to go to a specific page? It’s simple, you need to search for something unique, a word that is only on that specific page that you are looking for.

With the e-book open, pull up the menu, select “Search this book”, enter some word combinations from the page where you have remained and start searching.

Another way that will take more time and is painful is to turn page by page from the end to the start or the other way around in order to reach the desired page.
But mainly, using the search function is the easiest way to get to a specific page if the pagination is incorrect.

Kindle search function

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