How to get to Krasarang Wilds?


Krasarang Wilds is the southern zone in Pandaria, marked with purple on the map. The environment is composed of forest and the sea shores but mostly wilderness like Feralas.
It is a darker, an old mystic place, not very friendly.

How to get to Krasarang Wilds?

If you have a parachute from engineering or you play a class that can slowfall, you can just jump from the edge of Valley of the Four Winds (southern edge). Or you can take the normal path using the eastern bridge.

Krasarang Wilds Zone, quests and impressions.

This zone does not follow the main story even though there is an important character that will be here.

The quests are 85% about grinding, overall a very boring zone. The southern area is trying to remind of Vashj’ir with a few underwater quests but in the forest you will only have to kill x mobs and gather x things.

Blizzard didn’t made it with their try to create this zone as an old school RPG based on those old atmospheres and feelings, considering the sound and environment design.

If you plan to reach level 78 from questing, you should finish all the quests in Krasarang Wilds or you won’t have enough XP from Valley of the Four Winds.

Krasarang Wilds

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