How to create an independent custom PHP page in WordPress?


Creating an independent PHP or non advanced coded page in WordPress is very easy.

How to create the page?
This is a simple example that will do the job. The only issue with this page is that the title will not look that great, you have to manually insert the [title]title[/title] tag on the top of the page. The same for the meta description tags.

The code. Download it as a .txt file from here. Further instruction can be found in this .txt file. It will just take 2 minutes and is easy to understand by anyone with some basic webdev knowledge.

Single independent page in WordPress

You can add any content in the correct line of this example, even advanced php scripts that will use SQL databases.
Further tweaks can be done if you have some more than basic wordpress knowledge.

This php file (the page you have just created) should stay in the root of your website (wordpress’s root).

After you have created the page, you can link it through your website from the “widgets”, footer links etc. It can be edited just with a web editor like Dreamweaver. The custom page won’t appear anywhere inside the WordPress admin section.


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