How to create a free eBay account, 5 digits code, merging the account with Paypal


Anyone can create a free account on eBay. Doesn’t matter from where you are. All that is required is a valid e-mail address, a PayPal account or a credit card, and a valid phone number (for some routine verifications that will be made when you will try to sell something).

Follow these steps in order to create a free account on eBay. Go to, click on “register”, complete the registration form, name, address. The eBay ID should be a random username.

Write the eBay ID and the password somewhere on your PC in order to always have access to them in case you forget them.

Complete the form and check the e-mail inbox for the 5 digits verification code and the link.

Copy the 5 digits code from the e-mail and click on the verification link. Enter the e-mail address that was used for creating the account and paste the 5 digits code. After that, the registration is almost complete.

When creating a new item for sale, eBay will require a phone verification. They will either make a phone call and a robot will speak a code numbers or they will send the code by SMS. Enter the code in the form there.

Another verification will be related to PayPal before adding an item for sale.

How to merge an eBay account with Paypal?

Login, go to My eBay, “My summary”, click on the “Account” tab, notice a button on that page named “Link my Paypal account”. Click on it, it will display a Paypal interface, enter the Paypal e-mail and password and click on “Link Your Account”. Click on “return to eBay”.

Before trying to sell anything, read the eBay policy.


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