How to create a Flash slideshow with images from Flickr, using Pictobrowser


Creating an image gallery can be tricky without knowing HTML or Adobe Flash. That’s why, you can use “Pictobrowser”, a free service that can create a simple but good looking Flash slideshow. The process takes around 5 minutes and doesn’t require any coding skills.

To start, create an account or login to your Flickr account ( Click on “You”, “your sets”, notice your sets if you have any.

Click on “upload” and upload your photos from the next window. You can upload more than an image at once, the process is very fast.

Once the uploading process is over, click the Flickr logo to return, click on “organize and create”, “add to set”, click on the arrow, “new set”, name your set, add a small description if you like, and from the bottom where is saying “all your content”, select the option with the today’s date. Those are the photos that you just uploaded. After you select this option, drag and drop the photos in the area above.

Save your set after you have dragged all your photos.

The next step is very easy. Google “pictobrowser” and enter on the first result. You will see a flash slideshow with images on the front page, click on the flash area where is saying “pictobrowser” (bottom right side), select “Flickr” and enter your Flickr username there (only the user ID, not the entire yahoo e-mail address because it will not work).

Click on “continue”, select the set you want to convert into a slideshow. All done. Copy/paste the generated HTML code into your HTML page or wordpress blog.

Pictobrowser Flickr flash slideshow

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