How to configure Teamviwer, remove the protection?


Connecting to another PC can be done very easy by using Teamviwer, a free software that will allow you to initiate a remote connection to another PC.
Teamviwer is required to be installed on both PCs and to be running when you initiate the connection.

Download Teamviwer from here, free. Click on the “start full version, it’s free” button.

Install the software on both computers and keep them running. You will receive IDs for both computers, those IDs are like the “phone number” when trying to access another computer.

Open the default Teamviwer interface from the PC you are about to connect from, the right side, partner ID, enter the ID of the computer that you plan to connect.

It will require a 4 digits password (by default) that can be found also from the main interface of the PC that you plan to connect to.

To remove this protection and make things easier, you can remove the random password and set a normal password.

From the PC that you will connect, go to “extras”, “options”, “security”, at random password select “disabled”, and on predefined password, set a password that you like, enter it twice, also in the confirmation row.

Click “ok” and return. Teamviwer is now fully ready to be used for a remote connection. The latest version is Teamviwer 7.

Teamviwer remote PC software

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