How to change the board style to nest?


The forums are one of the best place to read stuff about movies, to look for ideas, impressions, debates, movie goofs etc.

The only problem is that if you are not logged into an account, you will have to click on the “nest” view every time you open a new thread to read, in case that you don’t want to click on every reply there.

To have the forum topics always on the “nest” style, you have to create an account. IMDB accounts are free.

Create an account, confirm it by phone, you will receive a SMS PIN, enter it to confirm.

To set the forum view, go on the forum section from any movie, click on “my profile” and select “Display threads as.. nested”. You can also select a different skin for the forum.

To set the nested style as default, click on your profile (“your name Account”), go to “Update your message board profile”, “Display threads as..”, select “nested”.

Return to the previous page of that random movie and do a Control+F5 to refresh the page.

Once you confirm your account by phone, you can also interact on the forums, post new threads and reply to the ones that already open. nest forum view option

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