How to backup / restore the Address Book from Outlook Express and Internet Explorer?


We already explained how to backup the e-mails from Outlook Express in an old article.

The Address Book is important and you should make backups for it from time to time. The address book is storing the e-mail addresses that you use often.

It is useful for sending e-mails faster. The Address Book is actually called “Contacts” and is located in the lower-left bottom interface from Outlook Express.

To backup the Address Book, open Outlook Express, “File”, “Export Address Book”, select “Text File” (comma separated values), click on “Export”, browse to a location where the backup should be saved and name the file with today’s date, day, month and year, click on “next”, select all the options from the next window, click on “Finish”.

It will give a message, “Address Book export process has completed”. The backup file should have the .csv extension.

To backup the bookmarks from Internet Explorer, follow these steps.

Open Internet Explorer (no matter what version), click on “File”, “Import and Export”, click on “Next”, select “Export Favorites”, “Next”, “Next”, select where the backup file should be saved, “Next” and “Finish”. It will give a message, “Successfully exported favorites”.

To restore both the Address Book for Outlook Express and the bookmarks from Internet Explorer, follow the same process selecting “Import” instead of “Export”. For Outlook Express click on “File”, “Import”, “Other Address Book”, select the last option, “Text File”, locate the backup file and import it.

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    Pls fwd instructions for restoring the outlook express email which was overfull and is now empty. Meanwhile my incoming messages are fwded to my ebox thanks

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