Holographic Versatile Disc – HVD, the new discs after Blu-ray


After cd, dvd and blu-ray discs, the next step is called Holographic Versatile Disc that are planned to be released in 2019.

What is special about this discs?

The storage space is of about 6 terabytes. Also, the data transfer speed is of 120Mb – 1GB / second.

Insane stats.

The blu-ray disks are already offering extreme video / audio quality for movies. The next step is maybe the resolution.
In a few years, probably every PC will have a triple monitor setup or big screens will become mainstream, accessible for everyone’s pocket.

The most important discs producers, Sony, TDK, Panasonic etc, are planning to release the first Holographic Versatile Disc in 2019. The disk will store 1 terabytes of data.

Holographic Versatile Disc

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