Guild Wars 2 naming policy, 72 hours ban for bad names


Those that are lacking ideas of how to name their characters in Guild Wars 2 should look for a fantasy-name generator rather than risking a 72 hours ban.
You are not allowed to name your toon not even “Redbull” as it is a brand. Also, it’s not allowed having an offensive name and anything non-fantasy.

The full list with rules can be seen on the official Guild Wars 2 website, or if you Google “guild wars 2 naming policy”.
Players can get auto-banned for 72 hours if other three players will report them for having a “bad name”.
There is no warning from a game master or an option to rename your character if that happens.

Even though this looks harsh, it will improve the overall experience for the players that are respecting the rules.
World of Warcraft has these naming rules only on RP realms, players are free to use any other names on non-RP realms (Normal, PVP and PVE) if those names are not incredible offensive.

At least in WoW when a player is reported, a game master will ask for a name change right away rather than banning the player.
Players can be easily banned also in public chats, be careful what you say and most important, don’t participate in flame-discutions.

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