Google Play is replacing Android Market


Android Market users were surprised to find out that Android Market does not exist anymore, the old shortcut from their smartphones and the old Android Market interface are now replaced by Google Play.

Except the name (Android Market becoming Google Play), nothing is changed for the website and the Android Market application from smartphones. In fact, Google is even making a good gesture by starting a 7 days of promotions on the new Google Play, some applications can be bought at half the price (start the new Google Play and check the button from the main page saying “Play Apps Over 50% off”).

The European users except UK will not be affected at all by this change. The new Google Play will incorporate the old Android Market and two more Google services, Google Music and the Google eBookstore.

These services are offering users, the possibility to buy, rent, download on either PC or smartphone, music, movies and e-books.

These two services are only available for a few countries. US users have available all the services, music, movies, books and apps, Canada and UK, just movies, books and apps, Australia, books and apps, and finally, in Japan, only apps and movies.

The rest of the countries will only have access to the Android apps section of Google Play.

Google Play

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