God of War crashes at desert level


God of War has a well known issue. The game is getting stuck in the first seconds after you reach the desert level. And is not from your console.
There is a graphic glitch that will cause your game to crash and there is not much to do, but lets try a few things:

– restart your PS2.
– make sure that you save the game fast as you reach the desert, there is a save point there.
– check if the disk has any scratches and then clean it a bit.
– talk to a PS2 renting shop and maybe rent the game (another disk).

Best solution play the game on other PlayStation 2 so you can pass this level or at least until you get to the next checkpoint where God of War should not crash, at least in the name of science, is worth to try :).

You need your PS2 gamecard on that console so you can get the save.
– there are no cheats or codes so you can pass levels in God of War.

Best of luck!

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