From where to buy Tome of the Clear Mind?


Blizzard has changed the item required to change the talents and glyphs. To modify any of these, you will require an item called “Tome of the Clear Mind”.

Quick answer. Tome of the Clear Mind can be found to Alchemy Supplies & Regeants in Stormwind.

Is the old building from Stormwind from where you usually bought class items in WoW Vanilla. The building is located in Trade District.

For Horde players, the items should be available also at the Alchemy Supplies & Regeants vendor. Some Mists of Pandaria mounts might also sell them within their vendors.

Except these places, you can get Tome of the Clear Mind from Jeeves (engineering thing). In Pandaria if you are around a place with many vendors, one should sell the item for sure.

Tome of the Clear Mind costs 35 silvers, for those in a level 25 guild.

You should buy some of those, around 10-20 since they are required to change both talents and glyphs and since these are situational, stacking these tomes is a good idea.

Tome of the Clear Mind vendor

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