Fifa 13 demo available on Origin


Electronic Arts (EA Games) has released the first Fifa 13 demo and the installer is available on Origin for download, the PC version.

The demo contains just one stadium, Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium and five available teams, AC Milan (Italy), Arsenal (UK), Borussia Dortmund (Germany), Juventus Torino (Italy) and Manchester City (UK).

The version for Xbox is available for download on Xbox Live while the Playstation version is available on PSN.

Fifa 13’s final version will be released officially on 25 September (this year) (same release date as World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria) in US, and three days later, on 28 September in Europe.

First impressions. The demo seems to work fine only for some players, some are reporting that their game is unstable, full of bugs and that is randomly crashing while others can run the game just fine with a decent frame rate even on avearage hardware systems.

This could be an issue regarding hardware incompatibility that the final game should fix.
The gameplay is not very different compared to Fifa 12, just that the graphics have improved, the camera has more realistic moves, oscillating all the time, just like in a real football game.

Fifa 13

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