Facebook news feeds, receive updates from FB pages


Facebook has many options and features, is far from being just a website where you keep track of your friends, upload pictures and post messages on the wall.

Just below the “Welcome” link from the Facebook’s left panel, there is the “News Feed” link.

You can like Facebook pages and stay updated with their news.

Let’s say that you are interested in a video game like Diablo 3. You can go on the official Diablo 3 Facebook page and like it. All the messages and stuff posted by Blizzard will arrive in your News Feed. It works like the RSS feeds from blogs.

You can like an unlimited number of pages but it can get annoying if you have too many. Be careful when liking a page that is updated too often. If they have too many messages, you won’t have time to read all the other messages and you could miss important stuff.

You can also create another Facebook account besides your personal one and just keep it for these News Feeds as they will blend with the messages posted by your Facebook friends on their walls.

This Facebook features is also a great resource for web developers and bloggers because sometimes, a company or a brand can post their news first on Facebook and then on their websites.

Facebook news feed example

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