Download No Lock free, removes the screen lock for Android smartphones


The screen lock may be annoying sometimes since you will have to “unlock” the phone every time you want to use it.
The good news is that there are some applications that can remove the screen lock for any version of Android.

Download No Lock from here. It is a free application from Google Play. Unlike others, this app will not change the “Administrator settings” or anything.

The app has a friendly interface, looks almost like something from Apple. It has just one button that will enable and disable the Screen lock.

The application has only 184 kilobytes, it will create a shortcut after the installation.
To test the application, after the “locking” is enabled, return to the main Android desktop, and use the side button that will lock the phone.

Now, press the button that opens the smartphone, notice that it will not require any “Drag to unlock” action.

By default, the Android operating system has no options to disable and remove the screen lock. From “settings”, “Location and Security”, there is just the “Set screen lock”, an option that is not related to the default “Drag to unlock” action.

Lock Screen Android

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