Download Copy Handler Manager, software for copying a huge amount of small files


Copying a huge amount of files under Windows XP is very tricky and most of the time impossible since you will get errors that will completely stop the copying process.

It is much easier when copying files that are not small. The copying speed will be very high unlike when copying small files when the speed will be reduced to a few kilobytes per second.

To make this process easy and doable, download “copy handler” from here, a free software utility that works like a downloader software for Internet files.

This software will allow you to copy files without having to worry that you will get errors that will stop the copying process.

Just right click on the icon that will appear in systry, and click on “enter copy parameters”, select the folder or files that you want to copy and the destination (eg. a mobile hard drive).

You might get some errors but nothing really to worry about, just click on “skip” and everything will resume. If you click on “retry”, the copying process might get stuck for good and you need to restart all the process.

The software can also be used for Windows 7 as well.

Copy handler software

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