Diablo 3 patch 1.0.3 changes, attack speed nerfed, repair costs increased


Patch 1.0.3 was already applied for US servers, Europe is currently under maintenance until 1 PM when the game will be available with the latest patch, 1.0.3.

The patch will auto-update once you run the Diablo 3 client, you just need to “allow” from the Firewall window that will pop-up.

Players are generally unhappy with some of the changes that this patch is bringing, mostly regarding the repair costs for items that was highly increased, some players from US also reported that they don’t even have the gold to repair their gear and they neither can farm the gold because their armor is broken.

The only solution they have is to farm gold on an alt and send to their main character in order to repair.

Melee classes are also suffering the most since the gear breaks even if you are taking damage or do damage, if you leap or destroy a barrel with your barbarian, this will damage your gear so you need to pull out gold for repairs.

Some players from US also have reported that only 2-3k players are now playing in public games, this because of the increased repair costs, not many can now afford to die, even though the damage from mobs was reduced from Act 2, 3, 4. Act 1 should be doable for most players.

Attack speed nerfed is another important aspect since is affecting mostly the fun of the game. Seeing your character attacking very fast, for example a barbarian with a 2 handed sword is very fun to play and Blizzard actually nerfed this.

Players that bought gear with attack speed from RMAH are also the most affected since they just saw their money wasted on a stat that is now worse than for what they have paid for.

Other than these, you should really manage your gold carefully at this point, don’t buy anything for now because the prices from gold auction house might drop soon because players can’t gain so much gold because of the repair costs, also not getting in the situation of not having enough gold to repair your gear.

Diablo 3 patch 1.0.3

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