Diablo 3 end game content, what Blizzard can improve?


Beating Diablo on inferno is a great end game content, also the end of the game and the purpose of playing for most players as Diablo 3 tends to become very boring with all the farming required.

What is keeping and motivating players to keep going is the idea of beating Diablo on inferno, clear all the four acts.

Blizzard has nerfed IAS considerably, reducing the fun of this game, no more godlike pew pew left and right. Adding ladders and competitive elements will make Diablo 3 more like World of Warcraft.

Adding more reasons for players to farm is again a bad idea.

What Blizzard can do is to code fun stuff like maps where players can interact (eg. DotA from Warcraft 3, assault / defense of buildings, some sort of battlegrounds integrated with PVP or PVE.

These can go pretty far from the main gameplay of Diablo 3 and we won’t see them too early since more or less that 1% of the playerbase has already defeated Diablo on inferno.

IAS (attack speed) buffed again will save the game, they can nerf the damage on all weapons and add them attack speed on the other hand because that animation when your character is in full speed is just too good to be throwed out.

Diablo 3 end game

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