Diablo 3 Act 1 Inferno speedrun, farming gold as barbarian


It is much better to farm Act 1 if you play a barbarian using a 2 handed weapon, using an offensive build. You can finish Act 1, doing a speedrun in about 2 hours, gaining around 300-400k gold without including the items that you might sell in auction house.

A decent 2 handed weapon can be bought for around 100-200k gold, with at least 1.200 dps and attack speed. You can ignore other stats, including life steal.

The skills are as they follow.

Frenzy with Sidearm rune (it will AOE mobs).
Revenge with Provocation rune.
Ignore Pain with Ignorance is Bliss rune.
Warcry with Impunity (will boost your survivability).
Earthquake with Path of fire rune.
Wrath of the berserker with Striding giant rune (will grant you almost immunity from melee damage when you use the skill).

Passive skills.

Tough as nails.
Nerves of steel.
Berserker rage.

Act 1 farming skills for barbarian

Stats and items required.

2 handed weapon with at least 1.200 dps (the sword animations looks great).
40k+ hp.
11-12k+ overall dps.
12+ (at least) movement speed from boots or other items (it will make you run very fast).

Act 1 gear cap stats

Having these stats and using these skills, you can finish Act 1 in less than 2 hours without skipping too many mobs, 5 nephalem valor all the time, have no issues with champion packs, not die even once.

Using the skills.

Against white mobs, you can use the default attack and ignore pain + revenge if your health drops (usually will not drop more than 40-50%).

Against champion packs, use Wrath of berserker and attack them, use Earthquake and ignore pain if you see that you take some elemental damage, you will regain hit points from the Ignorance is bliss rune from the Ignore pain skill.

You should be able to down champions really fast, I use 19% attack speed from weapon and a ring with 15%, they really go down fast.

Usually until you get to another pack of champions, the cooldown for Earthquake and Wrath of the berserker should be off.

300-400k gold per day if you run Act 1 just once means that you can buy a very good rare item with stats for “all resistance”, strength, vitality, attack speed etc, and be fully ready for Act 2.

Barbarian 2 handed sword Act 1

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