Update SQL syntax for two variables

There is a trick regarding the “UPDATE” command for SQL, it won’t work like it does for “INSERT”, “SELECT” or “DELETE”, when you have two or more variables like “$updateSQL = “UPDATE table SET id1 = ‘1’ && id2 = ‘1’”.

The “AND” or the “&&” syntax more »

Securing your osCommerce 2.2?

osCommerce 2.2 was released many years ago but still many online shops are running their business on this free platform.

osCommerce has many security issues, hackers can deface the platform (replace the index page), create phishing pages and many other issues related to security.

This is a complete tutorial that will show you how to secure your osCommerce 2.2 online more »

Robots.txt allow / disallow example

If you don’t want that search engines to index your website, add these two lines in your robots.txt file:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

Upload the file in the root of your website. Check it in the browser by accessing “yourwebsite.com/robots.txt”. It should display the two lines.

If you want that search engines to index your website, don’t more »

301 redirect for a WordPress blog in 10 steps, moving to a new domain

Follow these steps in order to do a 301 redirect for a Wordpress website:

1. Backup your SQL database.

2. Login into your Wordpress Admin Panel and change the password into “123456”. The login details for wp-admin should be admin / 123456.

3. Upload the same website into the new domain.

4. Check the new domain in a browser after that. The website more »

Prestashop meta title and meta description for categories and products

Prestashop has a few built-in options for SEO, the title, meta description and the meta keywords can be modified from the admin panel.

Follow these steps to see how to modify the meta values or add new ones: login into admin panel, go to “catalog”, you should see there all the available categories, click the “edit” icon for any category. There should be three more »

Download MagicZoom for Prestashop, zoom module

Prestashop has a built-in zoom-in function that isn’t working well all the time.

MagicZoom is a free module for Prestashop. It can add a zoom-in function that will look and act more than fine or at least better than the default one from Prestashop.

The free version is adding a watermark text in the zoomed area. The text is saying: “Please upgrade to full version of more »

Good quality Favicon convertor, Converticon.com

A “favicon” is the small icon that appears in the browser near the URL. Most of the online websites that can convert images into icons, are creating blurry favicons mostly.

The following website is creating good quality favicons, favicon converter. Converticon.com has a mac interface. You can add .jpg or .gif images. These will be converted into .ico files.

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