Recreate broken images, mass rename

Here is the situation. Some image files don’t have an extension like .jpg or .gif. If you open them, they look broken or fine.

If they are broken on your local hard disk but they look fine on the website/server, download them by using Filezilla (FTP client), from “settings”, go to “file types” and select “binary” and uncheck the two options more »

CPU Throttling WordPress tips

I’ve found that WordPress comments can be an issue regarding “CPU Throttling”.

Your web host should have a folder that can be accessed by FTP: “tmp/mysql_slow_queries”. Check the latest .txt files.

I’ve found out that some of my WordPress blogs were heavily spammed by bots. These bots were inserting comments.

After I have disabled the more »

How to enable or disable catchall from CPanel?

Follow these steps.

Login into your CPanel, click on “Default address”. You will be redirected to a page that will display this message: “The Default E-Mail/Catch-All feature has been disabled by default due to Spam and Security concerns.
Please contact support if you need assistance with creating mail forwards (aliases) as an alternative.”

So, you more »

How to create an independent custom PHP page in WordPress?

Creating an independent PHP or non advanced coded page in Wordpress is very easy.

How to create the page?
This is a simple example that will do the job. The only issue with this page is that the title will not look that great, you have to manually insert the [title]title[/title] tag on the top of the page. The same for the meta description tags.

The code. Download it as a more »

How to create a Flash slideshow with images from Flickr, using Pictobrowser

Creating an image gallery can be tricky without knowing HTML or Adobe Flash. That’s why, you can use “Pictobrowser”, a free service that can create a simple but good looking Flash slideshow. The process takes around 5 minutes and doesn’t require any coding skills.

To start, create an account or login to your Flickr account (flickr.com). Click on more »

PHP QR code image generator (premade script)

QR (quick response) codes are useful to share different links or just for holding some basic text. The QR code can simply replace a business card. You can print your QR code that contains your name, phone number, e-mail etc.

There are many websites that are generating QR codes but what we have here is a PHP script that can generate QR code images when a web page is more »

Yahoo Weather PHP parser

Yahoo is offering a simple XML feed that is constantly updated, offering weather data like weather conditions, maximum and minimum degrees in both Celsius and Fahrenheit measure units, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, sunrise and sunset time, humidity in percents, forecast for tomorrow (weather conditions, maximum and minimum degrees), and a small picture representing the current weather more »

How to remove addon domains from CPanel? (cloned subdomains)

If you have a web hosting account that is using a main domain and one CPanel (not individual CPanels for each domains that assigned to your hosting account), when you assign a new domain to CPanel, a subdomain will also be created.

Usually, search engines like Google, Yahoo etc, do not index these subdomains but sometimes they will and there is a small risk to trigger a SEO penalty more »

SQL command to find duplicate entries from Phpmyadmin?

Follow these steps. There is no need to code a .php page in order to run this SQL command. Login to Phpmyadmin, go to the “SQL” tab, write the following command.

SELECT row FROM table GROUP BY row HAVING ( COUNT(row) > 2 ).

Explanation. The table name is named “table” in the command. The “row” name is the row from the table. Example. SELECT more »

How to make round corners for an image in Photoshop?

To create round corners for an image, follow these steps.

Open an image within Adobe Photoshop, draw a rectangle with the “Round Rectangle Tool”, above the initial image, double click where is saying “Shape 1” (the rectangle), turn the “Opacity” to zero.

Click “Ok”. Go to the “Paths” tab, right click, select more »