Internet was launched, live streams with Athene and Swifty

A new interesting website was launched a few days ago,, created by the well known gamer and YouTube user, Athenewins.

This website will host live streams with him and other PVPers like Swifty. Athene’s latest YouTube video claimed that they will try to get rank 1 in Arena this season that just started.

They play on the US realm named more »

Paypal e-mail phishing,

The Paypal users might receive a phishing e-mail that looks almost legit if we look at the URL links within the e-mail.

Here is how a phishing URL looks like: “”.

Be careful, do not visit this URL.

Even though the url looks like a subdomain, several security forums have reported more »

Facebook login issue, mobile phone verification, enter confirmation code, a code was sent to your following number

Facebook is using a mobile phone verification system, the same system as Google or many other important websites.

When creating a new account on Facebook, a mobile phone number will be required along with the e-mail address. This phone number is very important, losing it, it might lead to losing also the access to the Facebook account.

Facebook will do a random verifications more »

eBay disabled account, how to contact them?

eBay has a strict policy regarding selling stuff on their website and they may disable an account without giving an exact reason.

They will also send a notification by e-mail when an account was disabled, some kind of contact link and a link to their terms of use.

How to make an appeal and recover the eBay account? First thing to do is to try to remember what you where trying more »

How to stream using the Axis 206/207 video camera?

Here are the required things to setup the Axis 206/207 camera in order to stream online: a PC or laptop with Windows as the Axis IP software is not available for Mac.

A static IP (talk to the ISP – Internet Service Provider to assign a static IP for your connection), a router, the Axis IP software that will show the LAN IPs of the camera/cameras and also their serial more »

Yahoo Mail beta changelog

Yahoo Mail beta is available and can be tried by anyone that has an account.
This is the official page of the new Yahoo Mail. From there, you can switch for new version and login.

Yahoo Mail beta Changelog:

– the new version has themes, you can pick one of the themes from “options” > “themes”.

– a lighter interface, even though more »

How to create a Facebook fan page, welcome tab, assign an URL?

1. How to create a Facebook fan page?

– First thing you need is a Facebook account from where you will create a Fan Page.
– Create a Facebook account, from the left panel, click on “more”, click on “Ads and Pages”.
– Click on “create a page”.
– Select from that window, what kind of Fan Page you will need, more »

Why is Farmville so popular?

This is a subjective view about Farmville, the flash game from Facebook.

Farmville is evaluated at millions of dollars and has many fans around the world who are playing it.

Why is Farmville so popular? Because it helps people do simple things, escape their office environments and have a virtual farm where they can grow a field and animals.

During time, there were some more »

Fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu Reddit /r/, bored at work?

The /r/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu Reddit channel has reached 100.000 readers, it’s one of the best place to hang out when being bored.
If you’re accustomed with the Internet jokes, you know what fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu means, when something is going totally wrong.

There is a collection of comic drawings, all of them are really funny, some are insanely funny and are becoming more »

Penguins for sale?

Around 1300 Internet users are searching this term on Google, “penguins for sale”.
How can you raise a penguin as a house pet since they need a very cold weather.

The point of this post is to show you how to take advantage of those 1300 monthly users. There is already a website, that is selling penguins for 25$.

Actually, the owner of the more »