Grumpy cat account on Twitter

I’m not a fan of being spammed with random messages from unknown persons on Twitter but this thing got me.

There is an account with the “Grumpy cat” on Twitter,. I think that it’s not managed by the owners of the cat.

The tweets are things that the cat would say, like: “My New Year’s resolution is to hate you more.” or “I got 99 more »

YouTube November 2012 new video player

This is like the first change that YouTube is making that is not bad. They have implemented a new video player, very similar to the previous one.

The bottom bar is transparent now, the buttons are looking sharper and easier to press/control. The available options are quite the same, we have the play/pause button, the volume button, quality select button, “watch on more »

iGoogle to be removed after 1 November 2013

Bad news, Google has announced that they will remove iGoogle after 1 November 2013.

The announce is made by a simple line that appears under the search button for every iGoogle account.

There is also a link toward this article that is explaining in a few words the reasons and what users can do.

There is just one given reason, that right now, Google Chrome and Android more »

How to change the board style to nest?

The forums are one of the best place to read stuff about movies, to look for ideas, impressions, debates, movie goofs etc.

The only problem is that if you are not logged into an account, you will have to click on the “nest” view every time you open a new thread to read, in case that you don’t want to click on every reply there.

To have the forum more »

Facebook news feeds, receive updates from FB pages

Facebook has many options and features, is far from being just a website where you keep track of your friends, upload pictures and post messages on the wall.

Just below the “Welcome” link from the Facebook’s left panel, there is the “News Feed” link.

You can like Facebook pages and stay updated with their news.

Let’s say that you are more »

Razer legacy, history, their old mice and keyboards

Only a few fans really know that Razer wasn’t so famous as a company and neither their products, a few years ago.

Razer was established in 1999 by Robert Krakoff, also known as the “Razerguy”. He is the current CEO, and Min-Liang Tan.

Razer Boomslang was the name of the first Razer mouse and product. The mouse had improved precision and a fancy look compared more »

How to make a Facebook profile to be fully private so other users won’t see anything?

Currently, there is no “button” that can hide your profile and make it fully private.

A simple user that doesn’t know too much about Facebook will go to the “Privacy Settings” tab that is actually not making your profile private.

Here is the easiest solution for making a Facebook account to be fully private so it will just display the following more »

How to transfer a Facebook page ownership to another user?

Facebook is allowing ownership switches for pages (Facebook fan pages). A page can be transferred to another Facebook user in no more than two minutes. The page will completely disappear from the initial owner’s account and will appear attached to the account where was transferred to.

Follow these steps in order to transfer a Facebook page to another user.

Login to the more »

Internet services that require phone verification by SMS

We already explained in an old article from this blog about the Facebook phone verification that can lead to losing access to the account.

Google and Facebook will auto-detect when an account was hacked and they will suspend it. Then, they will ask for a verification that can be done by SMS. The biggest issue is when having a phone number related to the Google or Facebook accounts and more »

Keep pressing, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc, YouTube comments, what it means?

There are many comments on YouTube that are saying “keep pressing 4, 5, 0 etc”. Some are high rated comments that are staying on the top of all the comments for the respective videos.

What those numbers means and how it works?

YouTube has implemented some shortcuts a while ago. These shortcuts can skip a video to a certain moment. Pressing “0” for more »