How To

How to delete the password from Firefox?

If you want to delete the password from Firefox, go to “Tools” > “Clear recent history” > check all the options there, then run it. This is for Windows XP.

For Windows 7, click on the “Firefox” button from the left-top, “options”, “security”, “stored passwords”.

If you are looking to delete the cookies, the more »

How to make a Cronjob that will visit a php page?

To setup a cronjob, go to your, hit CTRL+F, search: “Cronjob” and click on the icon that will be highlighted.

Write there a command like this. Replace with your url and page.php with your php page.

You also need to select the timing when you want the server to visit your page: like more »

How to remove the WordPress header bar?

#Update, thanks to the user who left the first comment.

– go to wp-admin.
– on users tab, select “your profile”.
– uncheck where you see “show admin bar”.
– problem solved, happy blogging.

Today, Wordpress was updated to the 3.1 version.

However, there are some things that makes the 3.1 version, a big more »

How to use Google Fonts?

This is the directory with all the fonts:

To get started, follow these steps:

1. Pick one font from and click on it.

2. Click on “Use this font”.

3. Copy in the <head></head> of your website, this code for example: <link more »

How to use a PodPower?

This is the perfect device for people that are spending a lot of time at desk, working or playing videogames. It costs around 10 euro / 15-16$ and requires a normal Powerball. It’s a Powerball extention actually.

It will improve your overall health since it really works and it will train your feet and leg muscles. Also, it will improve your blood flow in the legs and relax your more »

Prestashop website is loading slow, fix?

Here are some advices for improving the loading speed for websites that are using Prestashop.

– create an index.html and upload it by FTP. Check if it is loading fast (you can compare the loading speed, to check if the web host is slow or not).

– delete your Prestashop website (that is already installed) and install it from “CPanel”, from the option more »

Moving osCommerce to a new web host, file permissions?

If you want to move from a web host to another, follow these steps:

1. backup your SQL database

2. backup all your website’s files by FTP

Once you have the backups, proceed to upload them on the new web host:

1. Create / import the SQL file within PHPmyadmin.

2. Upload all the files by FTP.

Change “includes/configure.php” with the more »

How to change the language on IMDB?

Many Internet services like YouTube or IMDB have auto-enabled specific languages for users, meaning that if you are from Sweden for example, you will see all the movie titles in Swedish language.

There is no option to see the titles in English.

This happens if you enter IMDB.COM as a guest users.

To solve this, you will need to create an IMDB account and from the more »