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How to create a free eBay account, 5 digits code, merging the account with Paypal

Anyone can create a free account on eBay. Doesn’t matter from where you are. All that is required is a valid e-mail address, a PayPal account or a credit card, and a valid phone number (for some routine verifications that will be made when you will try to sell something).

Follow these steps in order to create a free account on eBay. Go to, click on more »

How to backup / restore the Address Book from Outlook Express and Internet Explorer?

We already explained how to backup the e-mails from Outlook Express in an old article.

The Address Book is important and you should make backups for it from time to time. The address book is storing the e-mail addresses that you use often.

It is useful for sending e-mails faster. The Address Book is actually called “Contacts” and is located in the lower-left bottom more »

How to download and install applications that are not from Google Play?

You can download applications from different websites. After the applications are on your PC, you can copy them on the MicroSD card of your smartphone and install them from there.

The applications can be easily recognized by the file extension which is “.apk”. Connect the smartphone using the USB cable, create a folder called “Apps” or more »

How to Backup and restore e-mails from Outlook Express?

Go to “Tools”, “Options”, “Maintenance”, “Store folder”, change the path to an external hard drive or a different partition like “D:” or “E:”, where the e-mails can be stored. The path should not stay on “C:”.

All the e-mails from all the created accounts will be stored within those more »

How to use the recovery console to repair Windows XP?

Windows XP has a few options for recovery in case that the operating system will get damaged.

Windows XP can be started in safe mode, safe mode with a few options like network support or command prompt, “last known configuration” (this option might be disabled from Windows since it is consuming lot of disk space).

If Windows XP won’t auto-start the blue screen more »

How to create an animated image in Photoshop?

Photoshop can also be used for creating animated images. Follow the instructions from this tutorial in order to create an animated image or just to animate an existing image.

For animating an existing image, a .png icon for example.

Open Photoshop, open the .png image, go to the top-bar, click on “Window” and click on “animation”. A new toolbar on the more »

How to set the alarm clock on Samsung Galaxy Mini?

The alarm feature for the Samsung Galaxy Mini is well hidden. There are also some free applications on Android Market that can be used.

How to set the alarm clock on Samsung Galaxy Mini, the one that comes integrated with the default Android 2.2 Froyo?

Go to “Settings” (the blue icon from the bottom bar of the phone), click on “Clock”, is the first icon, more »

How to create a PPPoE connection in Windows XP?

The PPPoE Internet connections are easy to setup, follow these steps in order to create a PPPoE connection in Windows XP.

Make sure that the network card driver is installed. Usually, on Windows XP, you have to manually install the LAN driver.

If the local area network is not running, the PPPoE connection will not work at all but it can still be created.

How to create a more »

How to use Bluetooth on Samsung Galaxy Mini?

Bluetooth can be enabled by dragging the top menu down and clicking on its icon. The Bluetooth feature is the second option after wi-fi (B/T).

To turn it off, click again the same icon. Green means that it is enabled, gray means that it disabled.

Bluetooth is a great connectivity service for sending and receiving files between other smartphones, tablets or other devices that more »

How to download applications from Google Play, using the PC and the USB cable?

Most mobile phone operators are giving a limited amount of traffic per month. In order to save as much traffic as you can, you can download applications by using the PC and the USB cable, and not the 3G connection.

After connecting the smartphone to the PC with the USB cable, visit Google Play in your PC’s browser. Each application will have a notice, if your smartphone is more »