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XSplit Broadcaster and account tutorial

If you are looking to create a free account, you need to know that the account will become operational after a few hours since you register because the accounts are manually verified and approved.

Follow these steps in order to setup a free account.

Go to and complete the form.

There is no need to confirm the account by e-mail.

Once the more »

Security, anti-theft pattern for your smartphone?

Setting up a security system for an Android device is very important since you don’t want to give to someone else access to the Gmail account, Android Market that could have been connected with a credit card by you, and all the Google services mostly.

The basic security system that can be activated from the smartphone does not apply to the MicroSD card, though. Removing the more »

How to insert a HTML image signature file in Outlook Express?

Outlook Express was replaced in Windows 7 by Windows Live Mail. The users can still install and use Outlook Express from Microsoft Office Suite 2003 or 2007.

Windows Live Mail is very different than Outlook Express, the interface, the options.

Since Christmas is almost here, there are just four more days, an e-mail signature with Christmas cards or images can be setup in more »

How to install NC 1600 IP camera using static IP, router port forwarding, default URL

Installing an IP camera can be done easily with the “Radmin”, an IP scanner software. The software can be used no matter what camera version you have, NC 1600, NC 4600, Axis 206.

When you connect the IP camera to the Router or directly to the PC, it will get an IP assigned. Usually, the IP is, assuming that the PC has and the Router more »

Ethernet LAN wires color order

Here is a small tutorial that is explaining how to setup a LAN connector for a Router connection (not Peer to Peer).

Follow these steps. Cut the LAN cable with a cuter just to get rid of the first layer of the cable.

The small cables should remain in good condition, be careful not to cut them.

With a pliers, cut the small wires on their end, making sure that they will more »

Samsung Galaxy Mini sound volume too low problem

There is a good chance to encounter the “low sound volume issue”. This issue can’t be fixed by turning to volume to maximum from the left side buttons of the device.

Follow these steps in order to fix the issue.

Go to “Settings”, “Sound”, “Volume”, there should be two options there, “System Volume” and more »

How to manage a router with an Android smartphone?

Another interesting thing that can be done with an Android smartphone is to manage a network router.

When creating a wireless Internet connection using a Router, all the devices that will connect will receive an unique IP like,, and so on.

Even smartphones will receive an IP and they can be identified by using freeware software that can scan IPs from more »

How to connect a PSP to a wi-fi Internet connection, WLAN, WPA key

You can use the PSP to browse the web with the built-in web browser, you can play multiplayer games, use PSN (PlayStation Network).

Follow these steps in order to create an Internet connection on the PSP.

From the main menu, scroll down from the first icon to “Network Settings”. Press “x”.

Select “Infrastructure Mode”. Click on more »

NC 4600 CCD IP camera software, configuration guide

NC 4600 CCD IP cameras are professional surveillance devices, made by Sony. Here is a tutorial of how to install, setup and configure this camera as the user manual is pretty vague and won’t give any details except of how to use the official software.

To install the NC 4600 camera, follow these steps: plug the power source cable and the network LAN cable into the camera.
more »

The procedure entry point _except_handler4_common could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll, fix?

This Windows error appears when opening videos with any video player like BSPlayer, Winamp, Windows Media Player etc.

This is the exact error: “The Procedure Entry Point _except_handler4_common Could Not Be Located In The Dynamic Link Library MSVCRT.dll”.

The videos will work, though, after clicking “ok” on the error message from the window.

How more »