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How to submit a Google reconsideration request?

The latest Google update called “Penguin” has triggered many penalties against many websites that had issues either from bought on non-bought links, keyword stuffing etc.

Some users also said in the official topic from the Google Blog that their websites were innocent but they still got a penalty and their ranking dropped.

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How to explore Titanic using Google Earth, 3D virtual tour

Google, along with National Geographic, has launched a 3D virtual tour for Titanic, to celebrate 100 years since the ship sank in the Atlantic Ocean on 15 April, 1912.

This virtual tour is actually the ship built in 3D, you will be able to zoom and move around the ship. There are no realistic pictures (like Google Street View) and you won’t be able to explore inside the ship more »

How to add custom social media buttons on your website?

Besides the default widgets that social media websites are providing, custom social media buttons can also be added to a website. Just custom Facebook or Twitter images with links for share, tweet etc.

Notice that these codes will work for any website and even for those that are using Wordpress as a platform. All that is required are some medium PHP coding skills for normal websites more »

How to read e-books on a smartphone, apps

It is a good idea to keep some e-books on your smartphone in case you get on a train or somewhere where you don’t have an Internet connection.

Even though doesn’t sound comfortable, reading an e-book from a smartphone isn’t a bad idea. The lack of comfort comes from the small screen, a tablet or an e-book reader is recommended, though.

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How to block Crabby from the World of Warcraft forum?

This is the second year since Blizzard is adding Crabby on the official WoW forums, on both of the European and US forums.

The animation is fun on good systems but will slow old computers. To disable Crabby, a flash blocker can be installed but the pop-up messages will still appear, though. A more easier solution is to disable javascript while browsing the WoW forums.

This can more »

How to delete all tables from a Microsoft Office word or Google Docs document?

Some documents, PDF or .doc from Microsoft Office Word are containing all the text within tables.

There is no way to remove all the tables from a document within a few clicks. The tables can be removed one by one but this is an issue if the document has a lot of content.

Here is a solution that will remove/delete all tables.

Software and web services that are required: more »

MicroSD card won’t work, how to fix?

Sometimes, the MicroSD card won’t work. This article is explaining what to do if it happens.

Removing and inserting the MicroSD card (the simplest solution) won’t work most of the time.

First of all, run these tests. Remove and insert the MicroSD card, see if it helps.

Shut down the smartphone and remove/insert the battery.

If these actions won’t more »

How to setup live stream broadcast?

To stream on, the software program called XSplit Broadcaster is required. Download the software and follow these steps in order to setup a stream that can do the following things: will show your PC camera, will play a media file (a video or a movie that will play in the background), and the screen of your computer (what you do in-game).

There is an article on this website more »

How to change and apply Beautiful Widgets skins for clock and weather?

The “Beautiful Widgets” Android application has received an update on 16 December, last year, 2011.

It now has a new interface that can be accessed with one touch on the main widget that is on the screen. The interface is displaying the weather within an animated interface.

The update has also brought new skins.

Follow these steps in order to browse the more »

How to copy text from a PDF document, covert to .doc?

If you have a PDF file that has images as text (content), using copy/paste won’t be possible.

A solution is to download “Microsoft OneNote 2010”, it has a free trial version. You can convert the PDF file into a OneNote document by using this software.

A more easier way to copy text from a PDF file is by using Google Docs. Follow these steps.

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