How To

How to add an annotation in Google Maps?

Everyone can add annotations (marks) inside Google Maps and embed the map as they like.

Here is how to do it. Make sure that you are logged inside your Google account. Search on Google for “google maps”, enter on the first result.

Search for an address where you wish to place the annotation. On the spot you want to place the annotation, right click and click on more »

How to change the e-mail address for a Steam account?

Changing an e-mail address for a Steam account is not as easy as it should be. First of all, it can’t be done from the web interface.
The e-mail can only be changed from the Steam client that you should have installed on your computer.

If you google “change steam e-mail”, you will get to a page created by Steam that is saying that you need to contact them if more »

Check paper size error for printers, page stuck in queue

Issues with the printers are some of the worst as it is hard to identify what goes wrong and how to fix the problem.
Issues that can occur. 1. “Check paper size” error after printing the first page. 2. A page that remains in queue and keeps printing after you restart your printer.

This article will tell you all you need to do in order to make solve these two more »

Wireless connection not working from the router, channel setting sollution

If you can enter in the admin interface of your router, from “” and you see that everything is fine, there is one thing you might miss.

The router will not display that the network UTP cable is unplugged and you will think that the issue comes from the router’s settings.

To test this, plug the UTP cable directly into your network card from the PC more »

How to create a Google Reminder for your phone?

Google has a great service integrated within Google Calendar that is allowing users to setup reminders that will be sent to their mobile phones by SMS. What is important is that the service is free and the SMS are also free.

To setup a reminder, login to your Google account, go to the Google Calendar service.

There, if you click on “Create” and you try to create an more »

How to add a Squirrelmail HTML signature or a plain text signature?

From the three e-mail clients from CPanel, only Squirrelmail has options for adding a signature to your e-mails.

To setup a plain text signature, login into your e-mail box, “squirrelmail”, click on “options”, “personal information”, notice the blank space near where is saying “Signature”. Copy/paste or compose your signature. All more »

How to create a business card in Photoshop, standard dimensions for Western Europe

Creating a business card in Photoshop is not an easy task mostly because of the size of the initial image. There are many articles on the web that are displaying the standard dimension of a business card for Western Europe, Eastern Europe, US etc, in mm, cm, resolution etc, but there is a different story once you create your image in Photoshop (it will be bigger).

These are the more »

Blizzard phone number, contact them by Skype

Since Diablo 3 doesn’t require a monthly subscription and overall is not so complex as World of Warcraft, there is no Customer Support in-game like we have in WoW.

There is a Customer Support button in the menu but it is leading to a webpage,

This page has a list with articles regarding common issues with Diablo 3, you can more »

How to quit caffeine?

This is not a news about Diablo 3 but it has a strong connection with gaming, though. We talked in some articles about caffeine and how it helps geeks, gamers, those that are staying in front of the computer for hours and hours.

The answer to the question, how to quit caffeine is simple. Drink natural juice instead.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube that are explaining how more »

How to connect and transfer files from a smartphone to a laptop, using Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is the only option to transfer files between two devices if you don’t have an USB cable or an Internet connection.

If you have an Internet connection, the easiest way to transfer files between these devices is by using Dropbox or a similar services.

To use Bluetooth, if the laptop has Windows 7 as operating system, write in the search box, more »