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How to remove Lavasoft toolbar?

To remove Lavasoft toolbar, go to Control Panel and search for Ad-Aware. This software the actual “Lavasoft toolbar” protection.

Ad-Aware is a spyware removal software. It seems that is also running a background shield that may block certain websites. I had this issue with Even after trying to disable the shield, the Lavasoft toolbar would not allow me to load more »

Losing Internet connection, renew IP issue

If you encounter these issues, you can do a thing or two.

If the LAN IP for your computer is auto-assigned, you can add manual values to make sure that you don’t have an IP conflict.

Go “start”, search for “cmd” hit enter. Write “ipconfig/all”.

From there, you can see your auto-assigned IP, the subnet mask, default gateway more »

How to get back your Second Life account if you have lost the password?

Having access to the e-mail address that was used for creating a Second Life account is not enough to reset the password. If you don’t know your username (eg. “Markus Rufus”, the username is your SL name), you can retrieve it if you know the e-mail address used for your account.

To reset the password, you will need to answer a secret question. Either your birthplace more »

How to go to a specific page on Kindle?

If you have decided to read an e-book that is either in .pdf or .mobi format, on a Kindle, jumping on a specific page won’t work because the correct pagination was removed with the conversion of the e-book (using Calibre or other software).

You won’t be able to use the “go to page” Kindle feature.

How to go to a specific page? It’s simple, you need more »

Spotify proxy 404 error

Spotify users might encounter this error when logging in, a proxy 404 error that won’t allow them to login and use Spotify. This error appears after around 30-40 seconds after the user tries to login into the client.

There’s nothing to select from the proxy options displayed there, after the error warning is displayed.

How to fix this? I’m not sure if it is more »

Razer live wallpaper for Android

There are a few unofficial Android themes on Google Play with Razer but they don’t look that great. Here is how you can customize your smartphone with a Razer live wallpaper that looks pretty awesome.

First thing, you can download “Pixel Rain Live Wallpaper” from Google Play, from here, free. This live wallpaper is compatible with any device and will consume a very more »

Yahoo message not allowed – [320] (in reply to end of DATA command)

If you are still using Outlook Express, the default e-mail client within Windows XP, and you encounter this issue, not being able to send e-mails to any Yahoo e-mail address and receiving a fail send message reply (Message not allowed – [320] (in reply to end of DATA command)), you can check the most simple thing.

The date on your computer, if is not set properly, if is 2013 more »

How to add books by USB on a Kindle wi-fi 6”?

Kindle users can buy all their books from Amazon but also can transfer books from their PC/laptop or any other device using the USB connection that also is required when you charge your Kindle.

Once you connect the cables to your PC and your Kindle Wi-Fi 6”, the device will appear as an USB stick (a storage drive).

Open the drive, copy your .pdf or .mobi book (or whatever more »

How to search for pdf, doc, swf files from a website, using Google?

Google (the search engine) has a few tricks that not many users know about. For example, searching for pdf, .doc, .swf (flash) files on a website.

If you want to filter and get displayed as you search only the pdf files, write in Google, “ pdf”, without the quote marks.

Google will display the pdf files as the first results, there is also more »

How to identify the default IP for the admin interface of a router?

Almost all routers are coming with the default IP for their interface as or

If you have connected the router by wire to your PC and all the lights are up and you still can’t access the interface from, it is very easy to identify the IP.

This can be done either with a software “Radmin”, or just from Windows (the version more »