Windows and Bios won’t recognize SATA hard disk, solution?

Older motherboards won’t recognize a SATA hard disk in Bios or Windows without some specific settings.

If you are trying to use a SATA hard disk as an extended storage space and if the default hard disk where Windows is installed is an ATA hard disk, then this issue can be fixed easily by installing a software called “Via Raid Tool”.

Here is a Via Raid Tool more »

How to install and configure a TP-Link wireless router, TL-WR740N, default user, password and IP

TP-Link wireless routers are easy to install and configure. Follow these steps.

Notice that the most important aspect of having a new router is changing the password that is by default: “admin” and the user is the same, “admin”.

You don’t need a CD to install the router. This can also be done from a browser. The IP for the TP-Link routers is more »

How to configure Axis 206 camera, default password, Axis IP

Axis 206 is a professional surveillance camera that can be connected to the PC either by using a direct connection or by using a router.

By default, the Axis 206 camera doesn’t have any software except “Axis IP”, a small executable that will just search and display the IP of the camera, something like this IP: (a local area network IP).

If the more »

How to Insert an IDE cable into CD-ROM, DVD-Rom or Hard Disk without bending the pins

Inserting an IDE Cable into a CD-Rom, DVD-Rom or old Hard Disks can be tricky if the position is bad and there is no visibility combined with not knowing the correct inserting position.

The IDE cable jack has a normal side with nothing on it, and another one where in the center is a zone with some plastic. The most important thing is to be sure that you are not bending the pins. To more »

Discounts for Alienware M11x, M14x, M17x laptops and the Aurora desktop PC

Alienware is making discounts for the current four gaming systems available, for the three laptops: Alienware M11x, M14x, M17x and for the desktop system, Alienware Aurora.

The entry level Alienware M11x has a discount of 270$, the starting price being 750$ (Intel Core i3 processor, 8 gigabytes RAM memory, and a 320 gigabytes disk space).

The second laptop in terms of more »

Alienware M14x laptop specs / Alienware backpacks

Alienware M14x comes in four versions depending on the final price, starting from 1.100 $ and going up to 1800 $.

You can also configure your laptop by picking the hardware, the processor, hdd, memory etc.

Alienware M14x has a 14” monitor, the most important feature being the NVIDIA Optimus technology.

The battery can last up to six hours.
M14x is using the more »

AMD will release AMD Trinity processors in 2012

After they recently released the new “Fusion Llano” processors, AMD announced their new processor for 2012, named like the female Matrix character, “Trinity“.

Trinity will use a Bulldozer generation CPU, using the VLIW4 (Very Long Instruction Word 4) architecture.
AMD promised a 50% increased performance compared to the current Llano more »

Alienware Aurora desktop, details and hardware specs

There is a new system from Alienware called “Aurora“, priced at 1200$.

Alienware Aurora Details

– comes already overclocked using TurboBoost 2.0
– liquid cooling system
– Alienware states that Aurora is the most upgradable microATX Alienware desktop ever
– HD gaming at 1080p resolution featuring 3D options
– 7.1 more »

Razer Mamba and Razer Inperator mice, featuring 4G dual sensor

Razer is coming with two new mice. Razer Mamba and Razer Imperator, both using 4G dual sensor system.

What exactly is the 4G dual sensor system?

This technology solves an important issue when playing video games. When the player lifts the mouse from the mouse pad, some old and low quality mice will just lose the direction. The 4G sensor is solving this, allowing the mouse to be more »

Alex Netbook using Chrome OS

Samsung is developing the first netbook that will use Chrome OS (from Google). The netbook is called “Alex”.

What exactly is a “nebtook”? They are smaller and lighter than a regular laptop. The performance is lower as well.

Technical details:
– Intel Atom N550 Processor at 1.5 Ghz
– 2 GB RAM
– 10” or 12” more »