HP Probook 4540s drivers?

If you have lost the cd with the drivers, there is nothing to worry about.

HP has a software program that allows you to install all the drivers for this laptop within a few clicks.

The only thing you need first is to install the wireless LAN driver or you won’t have Internet access. The wireless driver is called “aero” or something.

If your Internet more »

Razer Abyssus not registering scroll click issue

I’ve used a Razer Abyssus for like 7 or 8 months and never experienced any issue until two months ago. The mouse started to register the scroll clicks much slower, sometimes I had to press the button 3-4 times to make the click on the screen.

It coudn’t be repaired since I think the bottom cover (sticker or what it is) can’t be removed. I’m just curious if more »

Asus X55V drivers?

I had some issues with an Asus X55V today.

Asus X55V has drivers only for Windows 7, 64 bit. This is marked on the DVD that comes with the laptop.

If you install Windows 7, 32 bit, some important drivers like the LAN or the VGA one won’t appear in the list of the DVD that contains the drivers and you won’t be able to use the laptop. So Windows 7, 64 bit is more »

GeForce GTX 650 and 660 from nVidia, specs and prices

nVidia has released these days, their two new video cards that are bringing impressive performance for decent prices, less than 200 euro for each model, GeForce GTX 650 and GeForce GTX 660.

Tech specs for GeForce GTX 650 and GeForce GTX 660.

Chip: GK107 / GK106.

CUDA Cores: 384 / 960.

Base Clock: 1058 MHz / 980 MHz.

Boost Clock: none / 1033 MHz.

RAM more »

Razer unveils Ouroboros, top end ambidextrous mouse

Razer has unveiled a few days ago, their new mouse from the “expert” category (most expensive). It is a new ambidextrous mouse named “Razer Ouroboros”.

The name comes from an ancient symbol, Ouroboros being a snake that is eating his tail, “re-creating itself, the eternal return”.

It we never heard about that snake, “Ouroboros” more »

Canon MF5770 printing error

If your printer stops working, you can reinstall it, starting by reinstalling the drivers. If you download the drivers from the official website and run the executable, in most cases it will say that an older version of the driver already exists on your computer.

To solve this, go to “Printers and Faxes” (Windows Start button), click on “File”, “server more »

Computer does a long beep and restarts when Windows is loading (check cable error)

Some computers might not start at all (they won’t display anything on the monitor even if the lights are up). This is because they are configured to run with all the hardware plugged, even PCI devices like PCI USB, network cards (more than one), old modems etc.

If your PC is displaying on the monitor a message like this: “check cable error”, make sure to have all the more »

Canon MF3220 printer paper size error

After you install a fresh Windows operating system, the Canon MF3220 or any of the printers from this series from Canon can get stuck after you print the first page. It will give an error regarding the paper size.

This is an old issue and can be fixed very easy.
There is an unofficial PDF file on the Internet that explains how to fix this issue, is not exactly for the MF3220 more »

Lenovo H420 PC mini review, blue screen at installation, how to enter Bios?

Lenovo H420 comes with an Intel Celeron processor, Dual-Core G530, 2400 MHz with 2048 KB cache. Other specs. 2 gigabytes of RAM (DDR3 – 1333 frequency), Intel HD Graphics 2000 as video card, 500 gigabytes disk space (SATA).

These specs are more than enough for office use but definitely not enough if you plan to play the latest video games.
This PC can run even HD videos at more »

Intel HD Graphics instead of ATI Radeon 6370m, Switchable Graphics from Bios for Lenovo G570

The Lenovo G570 is coming with another integrated video card, Intel HD Graphics, besides the dedicated AMD Radeon HD 6370m. The issue is that if you download the official AMD Catalyst driver recognizer, the software will give an error, saying that the hardware is not compatible.

The user might think here that the laptop has an integrated Intel HD Graphics video card instead of the AMD more »