World of Warcraft monthly subscription can’t be paid in advance, contract clarification regarding Annual Pass

Those who signed up for the Annual Pass contract with Blizzard might have heard that the contract will reset from zero if the payment is delayed. This is 100% false.
Paying in advance is not a bad idea as paying in front for 6 months will grant you one free month compared to if you have chosen to pay monthly. After all, the payment is inevitable as this is a contract.

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Payment rejected when upgrading World of Warcraft to Mists of Pandaria

It is a good idea to upgrade your World of Warcraft account to Mists of Pandaria and not do it in the last days when Blizzard’s servers will get flooded by user requests that are trying to upgrade their game.

There is an issue that may be fixed sooner or later, if you enter your credit card with empty spaces (eg. 1254 6598 7896 1236), your credit card will get more »

SSX 3, the best game for PS2?

There are not so many games for PlayStation 2, even few those that are worth to be played. If you have a PlayStation 2 console and you are looking for good games, maybe the best ones, YouTube is the best place to take knowledge of them by searching “best PS2 games” or similar keywords.

SSX 3 is the number one game from tops, from most videos found on YouTube.

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World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria to be released on 25 September, already available for purchase on

Crazy autumn, Guild Wars 2 will be released on 28 August and one month later, the third expansion for World of Warcraft, Mists of Pandaria, the official release date being set to 25 September.

This is more than great news, some fans did expected that MoP to be released somewhere this winter. The price for the expansion is 35 euro for the standard digital version and 50 euro for the more »

World of Warcraft upgrade to MOP button inside

The World of Warcraft fans are happy to see an upgrade button inside their accounts for World of Warcraft. The button doesn’t lead anywhere special other than the default World of Warcraft page, there is no option to upgrade or pre-order the next expansion at this time.

But, it is nice to see that things are moving and Mists of Pandaria is not far from being more »

Diablo 3 gold for real money available, how to sell gold?

Those who don’t want to bother with selling items for real money as sometimes you just have to put an item in auction house for weeks until someone will buy it, can now sell in-game gold for real money.

The option is now available within Auction House, you need to switch to RMAH (Euro for Europe), select gold, enter an amount (eg. 1). You will see how much 100.000 gold costs. more »

Final Fantasy VII to be released soon in a new format

Some good and bad news for the FFVII fans, Square Enix is planning to release Final Fantasy VII in a new format using the same old graphics from 1997, nothing new except achievements, no more than 36 achievements to unlock, who would have thought?

Cloud saves feature, meaning that you can play FFVII at home, go somewhere else and continue from the same point you where when you left more »

Barbarian vs Belial, Inferno tactics, DPS required

Bosses are DPS runs now as they will enrage and wipe you in a matter of seconds. The enrage timers have been added with 1.0.3 patch.
Belial is an easy fight even on Inferno difficulty, doesn’t involve much movement except the time when the room is getting full of poison clouds that are exploding.

Barbarian DPS required to down Belial. No issues with 12.5k DPS (unbuffed), more »

Diablo 3 end game content, what Blizzard can improve?

Beating Diablo on inferno is a great end game content, also the end of the game and the purpose of playing for most players as Diablo 3 tends to become very boring with all the farming required.

What is keeping and motivating players to keep going is the idea of beating Diablo on inferno, clear all the four acts.

Blizzard has nerfed IAS considerably, reducing the fun of this more »

Diablo 3 Barbarian Act 2 Inferno stats, skills for soloing, farming

After the nerf for Act 2, 3 and 4, brought by the latest patch for Diablo 3, barbarians are viable after Act 1 for both soloing or in parties, melee classes are not getting one shotted after Act 1.

As attack speed was nerfed (IAS), clearing Act 2 with a 2 handed weapon is very hard now, if you can’t down a pack of champions during a Wrath of the berserker, 1 handed weapon and more »