God of War treasures, extra movies

This is a collection of videos with the God of War “extra” videos. These are actually the videos from the “treasure” section, some are missing because they are not available on YouTube.

But most of them are here, enjoy watching. Some videos can contain spoilers but if you already have finished the game, you will definitely want to watch them.

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5 God of War 1 spoilers

Some spoilers.

– Who is Kratos? A fallen war leader who sold his life to Ares (the God of War in the Greek mythology) in exchange of helping him to win a battle and actually save his life who was about to be taken by some barbarians.

– Why Kratos has the Blades of Chaos attached to his arms? The Blades of Chaos were forged in the underworld by Lord Hades (God of the more »

Cheap Civilization V

Steam will offer Civilization V for sale, much cheaper during this weekend, 18-20 Feb.
This offer is also available for the previous Civilization title, Civ. 4, that will be available for sale in one pack that will include all the addons.

The prices are: for Civilization V: 30 euro.
Civilization IV: 6.25 euros (includes Civ. IV, Warlords & Beyond the sword addons)
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Risen 2 is confirmed, release date unknown

Piranha Bytes will bring us even more joy with Risen 2. It was confirmed at Gamescom 2010 in Cologne that the game is currently under development.

There are no details yet, not a single word about Risen 2 except that it is under development by the German team.

It won’t have anything to do with Arcania – a Gothic Tale (aka. Gothic 4). There are no details if we will more »

How to pass the start in Dead Space 2?

When you start the game and you get to control your character, the building is invaded with those creatures. Do what the tooltip is saying, run and try to find the paths that are not so “crowded”.

When you reach a certain point (scripted point), a creature will attack you. You need to press the “E” button in order to escape. A door will shut down and catch the more »

God of War crashes at desert level

God of War has a well known issue. The game is getting stuck in the first seconds after you reach the desert level. And is not from your console.
There is a graphic glitch that will cause your game to crash and there is not much to do, but lets try a few things:

– restart your PS2.
– make sure that you save the game fast as you reach the desert, there is a save more »