Razer Blade available for US And Canada, unboxing video From IGN

One of the most awaited gadget of 2012, Razer Blade, the first gaming laptop, is now available for order by gamers from US and Canada. The laptop is not yet available for Europe, Australia, or Asia.

Checking the Razer Blade’s product page from the non US or Canada versions of, the old flash presentation is still being displayed. Those who are hurrying to order the more »

Project Fiona, gaming tablet from Razer

Razer has brought at CES 2012 a tablet named Razer Fiona. This was in order to impress the public since this gadget is the first gaming tablet ever revealed.

Checking how it looks, Razer Fiona has a 10,1” screen, around the same size as Netbooks, two symmetric controllers on the left and right side. The tablet is also using the touchscreen technology.

Tech specs. Intel I7 more »

LG to unveil their first Google TV that is using Android

The technology is evolving and after classic TVs, computers, laptops, netbooks, smartphones, tablets, the Android operating system will come up on TVs this year, 2012, when smart TVs might became mainstream.

CES 2012 will begin on 10 January, in two days from now, LG already announced their first Google TV that will be presented at this event.

The exact name for the device is more »

Logitech Cube mouse unveiled, release date

Logitech has unveiled their newest gadget, a mouse that is using an unique design and structure compared to the old fashion mice and also compared to the Apple Magic mice.

What is so interesting about this mouse? First of all, it doesn’t have two buttons like the classic mice have, everything works by touchscreen, the mouse will auto-detect the left and right click, the more »

Asus EEE Flare at CES 2012

Those who are undecided yet about buying a Netbook can wait a little more since the technology is advancing a lot lately and as we get trough the new year, 2012, the prices will drop and the performance will increase.

This is since a Netbook is not exactly a must have gadget for many uses.

Asus has announced their new Netbook that will be presented at CES 2012 (world’s more »

Acer Aspire One D257, blue netbook, review, drivers, specs, YouTube HD test

First of all, this netbook was not tested by me, just writing some opinions after learning for a few hours about this laptop, I was planning to buy it.

There are laptops, notebooks and netbooks. Acer Aspire One D257 is a netbook.

The difference comes from the small dimensions, the screen of the Acer Aspire One D257 is only 10,1” and has a 1024/600 maximum resolution that more »

Asus K53SC-SX221D laptop, review, specs, gaming tests and drivers

Asus K53SC-SX221D can be a good choice for business, multimedia and casual-pro gaming. This is a short review for this laptop that costs around 600-700 euro.

The hardware specs for the Asus K53SC-SX221D are the following: an i5 Intel quad core processor at 2400 GHz, more than enough for any software and also for serious multitasking, 4 gigabytes RAM memory, 750 gigabytes of disk space more »

Samsung Galaxy Mini battery draining issues

A few issues related to the battery that is draining too fast for Samsung Galaxy Mini, a few tests to make in order to fix the problem. The battery of a Samsung Galaxy Mini requires around four hours to get fully charged. If the smartphone will stay in Stand-by (nothing will be operated on it), it should drain like 3-4% / hour or even less.

Leaving open applications while the Samsung more »

Belkin iPhone 4S essential cases, silicon, polycarbonate, colored models, prices

Belkin, a well known smartphone case producer has already released the “Essential Case” series for the recent announced iPhone 4S at “Let’s Talk iPhone” event from this week.

The new cases will be available in many colors for both business (conservative design) or very colored models for those who want a fancy looking smartphone.
The looks are not more »

iPhone 4S release date, specs, price, announced a tLet’s Talk iPhone, iPhone 5 postponed

Everyone has hoped to see the future iPhone 5 yesterday at the Apple’s event, Let’s Talk iPhone in Cupertino, California. Maybe not because they were eager to buy the new device, but to see where the technology is headed and what innovations the new iPhone technology will bring.

Tim Cook, the current Apple CEO revealed the main device of the event, the iPhone 4S that is more »