Razer Orbweaver lunched, what is new?

Razer has just launched Orbweaver, the new keypad that is trying to replace the old Razer Nostromo.

Even though Orbweaver is superior to Nostromo, the old keypad will still be available for sale. We can include Nostromo in the “Essential” category and Orbweaver into the “Expert” category.

What is Orbweaver bringing new?

– 20 mechanical more »

Volume macros for Razer Blackwidow?

Razer Blackwidow 2013 doesn’t have multimedia buttons for increasing and decreasing the sound volume.

However, you can set the “numpad -” and “numpad +” to act as volume controllers.

Start by downloading and installing this software: “autoHotkey” from It is free.

Open autoHotkey, click on “File” and more »

Surviving without a Razer mouse?

What to do in the meantime when your Razer mouse has issues and you can’t use it, so you have to repair it or replace it?

I’m in this situation.

The best thing to do is to play video games that don’t require the mouse. Games like Need for Speed Most Wanted. Great release timing EA!

Another solution is to not play anything at all or play casual strategy more »

iPhone 5 cases by Belkin, made of TPU

Just a few days passed after the Apple event where iPhone 5 was unveiled, and seems that Belkin already has an iPhone 5 case line for sell on their website,

There are no more than twelve cases available at this time, some having more than just one version (more colors or textures besides the stock one).

They have a basic gray/black case made from TPU (thermoplastic more »

iPod Touch 5th generation, specs, new features

Besides the new iPod Nano, Apple also unveiled the new iPod Touch, the 5th generation, almost a device that looks and feels like an iPhone, only that it cannot be used as a phone.

Tech specs and new features.

Size: 6.1mm thin (thinnest iPod Touch ever created).

Processor: A5 dual core processor (doubles the performance), 7x faster graphics. The same processor used for more »

iPod Nano 7th generation, specs and price

iPod Nano, the 7th generation was also presented at yesterday’s Apple event, the new music player becoming now also a video player, receiving a full redesign that reminds of the Nokia Lumia line smartphones.

Specs and what exactly is new.

Dimension: 4,5 mm thin, meaning that is 38% compared to the previous iPod Nano.

Display: 2,4” screen size, more »

Kindle Paperwhite to be available from October, specs and prices

Those that were convinced that Amazon won’t ever release a Kindle with a built-in light source seems that were wrong because Amazon Paperwhite is almost ready to be released, and it has a light source incorporated.

Since the light source is so important because users are generally reading before sleeping, the new device comes to solve the last “inconvenient” that the more »

Second Razer Blade, specs, upgrade, price and release date

Razer has announced today, their new version of Razer Blade, the second edition, under “the beauty is now the beast” quote.
The gaming laptop comes with a hardware upgrade and will cost only more 200$, having the final price announced at 2500$.

Hardware specs.

Processor: third generation of Intel Core processors, I7+.
Graphic card: GeForce GTX 660M 2GB more »

Canyon, orange webcam, CNR-WCAM913G1, 1.3 megapixel, quality test

If you plan to buy a plain webcam and not a fancy HD one, Canyon CNR-WCAM913G1 is a great choice, for even less than 10 euro. For like 20 euro you can get the HD version of this webcam, the one with the blue case (CNR-WCAM920HD), CNR-WCAM913G1 has an orange case, the 1.3 megapixel version.

Even though the technical specs are indicating 1600 x 1200 as maximum resolution, the webcam can more »

Razer to release DeathStalker and DeathStalker Ultimate

Razer has just announced their new gadgets, two keyboards, the cheap and the expensive version, DeathStalker and DeathStalker Ultimate.

Razer DeathStalker Ultimate has a price of 250$, has a SwitchBlade panel on the right side, just like the Razer Blade laptop and the Razer Switchblade device concept (not released).

The panel has 10 keys that can be assigned to anything that is more »