World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria release

There are less than three hours until we will enjoy the YouTube stream that Blizzard has prepared.

The YouTube page that will host the stream, is currently displaying a countdown, the stream will begin at 23:30, 30 minutes before Mists of Pandaria will be officially released and live on World of Warcraft realms.

This is the first time when Blizzard is more »

Prometheus sequel announced, possible release date

One of the most interesting and anticipated movie of this year, Prometheus, will receive a sequel as the official announcement was made today. Those subscribed to the IMDB Android app were happy to see the news today at early hours.

Only few details are known at this time, that Ridley Scott will still direct the next movie, one of the script writers, Damon Lindelof might not continue more »

Game of Thrones, differences between Season 1 and the first book

Game of Thrones, the TV series, has an incredible score on IMDB, 9,4, even higher than the first movie from TOP 250 IMDB, but comparing these is not fair because viewers are getting really attached by TV series unlike a movie that only lasts for 2 – 3 hours.

“A song of ice and fire” is the fantasy series written by George R.R. Martin, and “A game of more »

Athene manages to raise 1 million $ for Save The Children

Athene and his friends have managed to finally raise 1 million dollars for “Save the children”, operation sharecraft, after around 80 days since he started this donations campaign.
He was yesterday on the stage at Dreamhack, a gaming convention that was held in Sweden, announcing the 1 million dollars goal that was reached.

During all these 80 days, they did live more »

Prometheus, a 3D experience, story explained

So, I went to see Prometheus, 3D version IMAX, hoping for an amazing experience since the movie has some good ingredients, the “alien” badge even though is just named “Prometheus”, a SF movie, and Ridley Scott.

This is mostly due the high number of 3D movies that are just showing incredible 3D effects but are lacking a decent story, so, Prometheus looked like a more »

Prometheus first scene explained

One of the most awaited movie of this year is already running on cinemas around the world, even though the official release date is 8 June for most countries.
This is a review that will try to explain how good and bad this movie is. forums are filled with topics saying that the fans were expecting more from this movie considering that it is an icon for the SF genre and more »

Dragon Soul Live Stream with Athene

This is the second event organized by Athene (, a PVE event for charity where all the money raised from the donations will cumulate to the ones from operation Sharecraft, a charity movement that is trying to raise 1 million dollars for the kids in Africa.

Four top guilds will try to complete the Dragon Soul Heroic raid, in World of Warcraft. It is actually a more »

Braindeadly issue with Machinima

Those familiar with the live streams are also familiar with this issue, for those who don’t know, Braindeadly is a famous World of Warcraft PVP player, he has an YouTube channel that is using Machinima for advertising.

Braindeadly’s contract with Machinima is stipulating that he is bound for life with Machinima, he can’t create another YouTube channel more »

Instagram to be bought by Facebook for 1 billion dollars

Mark Zuckerberg (CEO Facebook), has announced on his Facebook wall that Instagram will be bought by his company for 1 billion US $.

This comes after the incredible success recorded by Instagram for Android, the application being released a week ago and already had around 1 million downloads in less than 24 hours.

There are no other details available at this time regarding the more »

How many seasons Game of Thrones will have?

The season two of Game of Thrones has started last week, we will cover some numbers and statistics.

Game of Thrones has an incredible 9,4 score on IMDB, votes given by around 116.000 registered users.
The first season only covered the first book volume. There will be around 6-7 volumes and so seasons should be if everything goes until now.

So the answer to the question, more »