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How to connect Nokia 6303i to PC using the USB cable

The Nokia 6303i comes in the retail box with an USB cable that can be used with Nokia PC Suite or the Data Storage feature that will allow to copy and manage files on the MicroSD Card.

How to connect the Nokia 6303i to the PC using an USB cable? Follow these steps: connect the USB cable to both the phone and the PC.

Notice that Windows will recognize the phone as Nokia 6303i more »

Nokia Asha 303, 300, 200, 201, release dates, specs and prices

Besides the latest smartphones announced at Nokia World, the Nokia Lumia 800 and the Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia also unveiled four new cheaper smartphones and mobile phones named Asha. We got the Asha 303, 300, 200 and the 201.

Nokia Asha 303, the most expensive from this series will have a querty keyboard unlike the Asha 300, a 1 GHz processor, 100 megabytes of free space, a MicroSD card more »

Nokia Lumia 710 release date, specs and price

Nokia Lumia 710 is the second Lumia smartphone announced at the Nokia World event that took place in UK this week.

Nokia Lumia 710 is a more affordable smartphone compared to the Nokia Lumia 800, having the same hardware specs (processor and RAM memory), a different design, a weaker camera of 5 megapixel.

Specs: the smartphone will use the same 1,4 GHz processor that we got on more »

Nokia Lumia 800 unveiled at Nokia World Event, release date, specs and price

Nokia World 2011 that took place in London (26 – 27 October) unveiled a few new smartphones and mobile phones including two devices that are using the Windows Phone operating system.

The two smartphones are the Nokia Lumia 800 (the top-end device) and the Nokia Lumia 710 coming with almost the same specs as Lumia 800 but with a lower price in order that more users can afford more »

Samsung Galaxy Mini review

After around one month of using the Samsung Galaxy Mini, here is a complete review for this smartphone that usually is the cheapest (with Android) in the offers from the mobile phone operators like Orange, Vodafone etc.

The price is determined by the small 600 MHz processor, the small size of the screen and no flash support. Some people have said that having no flash is a good more »

HTC Explorer release date, specs and price

The Taiwanese company, HTC, will release soon their cheapest smartphone on the market, targeting the entry level users that can’t afford to spent too much on a device that runs Android.

Considering the price, the HTC Explorer can compete with the future Motorola Fire that costs around 150 euro and that will be released next month, or the Samsung Galaxy Mini that is already on more »

Samsung Galaxy Mini cover, why to buy one?

There are many covers for Samsung Galaxy Mini that are not really made for this smartphone but they fit great. For example, the ones made by ProCell, one of these cheap covers costs around 5 euro and has a pretty good quality, is not leather though.

Any cover that is made for iPhone 3G, Samsung Omnia or HTC Desire should fit great for the Samsung Galaxy Mini.

The high quality more »

Nokia N9 is now in stores, final price

Nokia announced today that they are already shipping their new smartphone, Nokia N9, along the final price and specifications.

They said that the new Nokia N9 will bring the highest quality standards, a smartphone that will open new ways for Nokia, more models that will share the same technology and concepts to be released in the near future.

Nokia N9 doesn’t have any more »

Motorola Fire release date, specs and price

Motorola will release next month, smartphone named Motorola Fire that can be considered a serious rival for the Samsung Galaxy Mini because of the cheap price and also because it has pretty much the same tech specs while it is using a newer Android version, Android Gingerbread 2.3 and also supports Adobe Flash.

Motorola Fire will be released at the start of October

Specs: it more »

LG Optimus Q2 release date for Europe, specs

LG Optimus Q2 will be released next weekend, on 24 or 25 September in Europe.

This smartphone is targeting the audience that is writing a lot on their mobile devices. LG Optimus Q2 is using the slide technology bringing up a querty keyboard behind the phone.

Specs: the smartphone is using a nVidia Tegra 2 processor, 1,2 GHz, a 4” display that is using the IPS technology more »