Canon MF5770 printing error


If your printer stops working, you can reinstall it, starting by reinstalling the drivers. If you download the drivers from the official website and run the executable, in most cases it will say that an older version of the driver already exists on your computer.

To solve this, go to “Printers and Faxes” (Windows Start button), click on “File”, “server preferences”, click on the “Drivers” tab, notice the installed drivers.

Click to remove them, if is saying that the printer is already in use, delete the printer from “printers and faxes” and unplug its cable. Restart your computer.
Download the drivers preferably from the official website of your printer, install it. Click on “add printer” (add it manually), select your brand (eg. Canon), you should see your printer model (eg. Canon MF5770) as first options.

Click “next”, “next”, your printer should now appear inside the “printers and faxes” section and should be ready to be used.

If you encounter this error, “printing error” when trying to print anything, check the cables from the back of the printer, the printer might have two ports (outputs), switch the cable to the second one (or the first one) and try to print a test page again.

Remove printer driver

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