Canon MF3220 printer paper size error


After you install a fresh Windows operating system, the Canon MF3220 or any of the printers from this series from Canon can get stuck after you print the first page. It will give an error regarding the paper size.

This is an old issue and can be fixed very easy.
There is an unofficial PDF file on the Internet that explains how to fix this issue, is not exactly for the MF3220 version but you can get an idea, we will also explain.

Download Canon MF3220 PDF from here. You can find the drivers on the web, the 3.0 version is the latest one. You will need them to install the printer.

How to fix this issue? Check the PDF file or try the buttons from the printer so you will know a little about how to change the settings, and mage the printer’s menu.
The printer should have “A4” as paper size from its settings.

Follow these steps.
Remove the power cable so the red light signaling the error is gone. Set the “A4” format from the settings (from the printer). Remove the front cover of the printer for around 5-10 seconds, close it back (this will restart the printer).

Go to your PC, right click on the printer (Canon) from Control Panel, “printing preferences”, you should have “A4” for both options instead of “exact match” or “letter”. These are the settings for Windows XP. Windows 7 should have something similar.

Go also from Control Panel to “Regional and language options”, set to “English Australia” and “Australia” from the first and second option.

Regional settings Australia

Test your printer, the paper size error should not appear anymore.

Canon MF3220 printer

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